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  • Branch Management
    Bob Cormier | Vice-President, Branch Manager, & Portfolio Manager, Wealth Advisor | MBA, CFP

Our Wealth Management Specialists

Introducing Sharon Avery, LL.B
Will and Estate Consultant
Sharon can help address your various estate planning concerns, and recommend the steps you need to take to achieve your goals – whether it’s updating your Will, creating a trust or setting up a charitable foundation.
Sharon earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from Dalhousie Law School in 2006, a Bachelor of Public Relations degree  from Mount Saint Vincent University (1996) and a diploma in Community Services (1986). Sharon was in private practice with a large regional firm and practiced in the areas of medical defence, health law, estate litigation, Wills, estates, and trusts prior to joining RBC Dominion Securities.
Today her role is to work with you and examine your overall Will and estate planning situation, find efficiencies and ensure a smooth transfer of your estate to your beneficiaries.
To schedule a meeting with Sharon, please contact your Investment Advisor.

Introducing Kendrick Keirstead, CFP, FMA, CSWP
Financial Planning Consultant

 Kendrick holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Financial Management Advisor (FMA) and Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP) designations. He has also completed several courses from the Canadian Securities Institute and has a wealth of knowledge in helping clients build wealth and achieve their financial goals. Prior to joining RBC Dominion Securities, Kendrick developed extensive experience in the financial services industry. His professional experience includes retail banking and wealth management services with a leading trust company and national Canadian bank. He has also helped clients with financial planning as a Financial Advisor with a Canadian chartered bank.

His background in wealth management is a valuable asset to clients who want an effective financial plan that helps them achieve their goals and maximize their wealth. Kendrick’s role is to work with and support your Investment Advisor in preparing and presenting comprehensive and customized financial plans.


In appreciation of your valued business relationship with us, your Investment Advisor and RBC Dominion Securities are pleased to offer you comprehensive financial planning with Kendrick Keirstead. RBC Dominion Securities’ comprehensive financial planning approach addresses your issues and concerns and helps you to clarify your objectives. Your personalized Financial Plan will provide specific recommendations focused on your particular needs, including cash flow, tax strategies, investments, retirement, and estate planning and will ultimately assist you in maximizing your situation and achieving your goals. This personalized report should serve as a roadmap to help you make financial decisions in the future.

To schedule a meeting with Kendrick, please contact your Investment Advisor.

Introducing Nathalie Wybouw, CPA, CA
Financial Planning Specialist

Nathalie is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and has completed the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants’ In-Depth Tax Course (Level 1 and 2). She has a Bachelor in Business Administration (Major in Finance), a Certificate in Accounting and a Master in Project Management.

Prior to joining RBC, Nathalie was a manager at one of the large public accounting firm. She specialized in providing tax compliance services and tax planning to individuals and their owner-managed entities.

As a Financial Planning Specialist, Nathalie’s role is to work with and support your advisor in preparing and presenting comprehensive Compass Financial Plans.


At RBC, we recognize that with greater financial resources, comes greater financial complexity. To help you properly coordinate your financial matters and optimize the unique opportunities available to you, we are pleased to offer you our highest level of financial planning. Personally prepared by Nathalie, a Financial Planning Specialist, your comprehensive Financial Plan will provide recommendations specific to your situation. Your plan will consider strategies to maximize your cash flow, reduce taxes, ensure your retirement lifestyle, protect your financial security, transfer wealth to next generation tax-efficiently and make the most of your philanthropic legacy. In appreciation of your business, your advisor is pleased to offer this service to you on a complimentary basis.

To schedule a meeting with Nathalie, please contact your advisor.

Introducing Jason Lewis, BBA
Estate Planning Specialist
Jason Lewis, BBA, is a valuable member of your IA's team, helping you create and preserve your wealth.

Jason employs a comprehensive process to assess client needs and then recommends creative, tax-exempt insurance products that will help them achieve their wealth management objectives. For more complicated situations, Jason will partner with your other professional advisors in the development of appropriate solutions.

Jason can focus on both personal and corporate insurance solutions to help increase your net worth and reduce the impact of taxation. Jason can also ensure your wealth is transferred to your heirs in accordance with your wishes. To help in this endeavour, Jason has access to insurance solutions from the top-ranked insurance providers in Canada.

Jason began his career in the insurance industry in 1996. He is currently pursuing his Certified Financial Planner designation.
To schedule a meeting with Jason, please contact your advisor.