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Tony Davidson takes a highly disciplined approach to investing
As part of RBC Dominion Securities, Tony is proud to help Families, Business Owners and Organizations with their Investment and Wealth Management needs.
You might be investing to build your financial future or to protect what you’ve already built. You may have specific needs, like maximizing your retirement income or creating a lasting legacy for your family or other beneficiaries, such as charitable causes you care about.
One of the biggest challenges facing investors is the natural, yet counter-productive emotional response to the inevitable ups and downs of the stock markets. Many investors unfortunately sell good stocks when the markets are generally going down, only to miss out when those same stocks bounce back. Sometimes, they hold onto a bad stock that’s gone down in value for too long, unable to deal emotionally with losing money on the stock.
Tony believes that the key to successful investing is taking a disciplined approach that avoids this type of emotional investing.
  • Customized, Actively Managed Investment Portfolio’s
  • Tax-efficient Monthly Income Portfolio’s
  • Active Client Communication – Service Oriented
  • Fee Based Portfolio’s
  • Disciplined Investment Process
  • Extended Team: Financial Planner, Will & Estate Specialist, and Strategic Insurance Specialist
Call to book an appointment with Tony & his team: (705) 743-4244